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The General - Intermediate


The General is our reliable, personalised surfboard, perfect for the all-rounder, suitable for a variety of surf conditions. The General has volume spread evenly throughout the tail, middle and the nose, so you can get stuck into mushier, easy to ride smaller waves. When they get bigger though, The General comes to life through its technical backend.

The General is handcrafted by local shapers with over 30 years experience and printed here in Australia too. Our boards are made from the highest quality materials with a professional print that will never wear and tear and can be used for by weekend warriors and professional athletes!

You can design your own surfboard by custom surfboard designs selection, we have lots of  designs as well as you can suggest some amazing design.

Personalise your board using our interactive 3D model. Creation and delivery takes up to 5 weeks. Please view our full FAQ section here.