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Mini Mal - Beginner


Mini Mal is an all-round fun board for the small cleaner days. Suited to beginners because of the length and volume this shape is perfect as a first board. The Mini Mal isn't limited to only surfers finding their feet. The Mal has forgiving rails and volume through the chest and nose of the board allowing easy entry to the more mellow waves for fun and cruisy ride for surfers looking to increase their wave count. 

Mini Mal is handcrafted by local shapers with over 30 years experience and printed here in Australia too. Our boards are made from the highest quality materials with a professional print that will never wear and tear and can be used for by weekend warriors and professional athletes! There are lots of Custom Surfboard Types.

Personalise your board using our interactive 3D model. Creation and delivery takes up to 5 weeks. Please view our full FAQ section here.