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Where are your surfboards made?

Our surfboards are made right here in Australia, in the suburbs of Sydney. 

Are your surfboards good?

Yes. They are handcrafted by experts with over 30 years experience and are suitable for weekend warriors and professional athletes alike. The same boards are available in numerous reputable retail and rental outlets throughout the world

How are the boards made and printed?

1. Once you’ve created your design with our fully interactive 3D design tool, our team of Australian sourced shapers will get to work creating your surfboard. All of our boards start life as a block of polyurethane foam. Our shapers will cut the form of the board using a CNC machine before sanding the blank to specification. Each board is then laminated during the glassing process; in which fibreglass cloth is smoothed with resin and left to create the boards hard rubber texture. 

2. Then, our shapers add the carefully designed inlays. The inlays show the branding, logos, patterns and images. The final designs are printed onto a silk/polymer mesh fabric with UV resistant inks to a detail of at least 300DPI. The branded fabrics are laid onto the board and hardened with layers of resin. 

3. Now that your design has come to life, we then buff and sand your board ready to shred. We then wrap the board in protective layers and ship it to you direct!

Why do I have to have the design elements in certain areas?

We've learnt from previous experience that having too many options can lead to 'design paralysis'. That's why we have a range of incredible design templates and clips arts to choose from and fonts. We also require certain elements to fit into the print area of the board. 

Can I send in my own design?

Yes, of course! You can view our design template here and send it to Alternatively if you have your own ideas but don't know where to start our team of designers can build one out for you. Get in touch with us at

Will the print wear and tear?

No, we stand behind the quality of our printing process and ensure the board and the print can last as long as you can surf!

Do you accept returns?

As our surfboards are custom made and personalised with your design, we can't accept refunds unfortunately. 

Can I do a wholesale order or get bulk discounts?

Of course. Email us at with your requirements and we will sort something out for you!

How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

It usually takes 4 weeks to make and send your order. Delivery times are dependent on where you are situated but typically take 3-5 days. Overall, it's 5 weeks approx. You can view our full shipping policy here.

Do you deliver to PO boxes?

Unfortunately not, due to the size of the board.  

What is the difference between the fin systems?

Futures fins have a single base, they are more connected to the board, which results in less flex, making it stronger and unlikely to break, however do need to be screwed into the board which can be annoying.

FCS II fins don't require any screws and can easily be placed in and out of the sockets. Once the fins are screwed into place, they are less likely to move laterally or break. The main problem you may encounter is when they do break, it may cause minor damage to the board. Overall both systems are the very widely adopted worldwide and will get the job done, no matter your goal.