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Mini Mal - Beginner


Mini Mal is an all-round fun board for the small cleaner days. Suited to beginners because of the length and volume this shape is perfect as a first board. The Mini Mal isn't limited to only surfers finding their feet. The Mal has forgiving rails and volume through the chest and nose of the board allowing easy entry to the more mellow...

The Cloud - Advanced


The Cloud is our performance shortboard model for the veterans who are a bit more on the experienced side. This board features detailed rails and contours to make sure you're performing the best you can on the cleaner days. The outline starts with a rounded squash and a slim body and pointed nose. The bulk of the volume is kept...

The General - Intermediate


The General is our reliable, personalised surfboard, perfect for the all-rounder, suitable for a variety of surf conditions. The General has volume spread evenly throughout the tail, middle and the nose, so you can get stuck into mushier, easy to ride smaller waves. When they get bigger though, The General comes to life through its technical backend. The General is handcrafted...