8 Podcasts to Get You Ready for Summer

On a road trip, headed out on your next surf trip? Or maybe just in the gym or in your car for your work commute, dreaming of the next time you can get out on the water? Whatever the reason surfing’s on your mind, tune in to one of these eight surfing podcasts to learn, laugh or just enjoy some conversations from some of your favorite surfing personalities. 


Oceanriders podcast



Get to know surfers from all over the globe, both known and unknown personalities. You’ll hear their stories as surfer Imi Barneaud leads the intimate interviews, and see just how much surfing brings together a community of very different people who otherwise might never have met. New podcast episodes come out biweekly, two times per month.


Aint that swell podcast

Ain’t That Swell

The name might make you chuckle, but that’s just what you can expect from this podcast led by Australian surfing journalists, Adam Vaughan Blakey and Jed Smith. The whole podcast is just surfing and fun humor, with lots of laughs and what they call “cutting fucking sick.” We’re sold!



Surf splendor


Surf Splendor 

If you want a good mix of everything surfing, then you’ll want to listen to a few episodes of Surf Splendor, hosted by David Scales. And this one is a great pick if you need a lot of episodes to listen to (like for that road trip to your favorite surf spot). There are more than 100 to choose from and the content ranges from surfing news to interviews with surfers, and there’s even a new episode every day — so there’s always something new! 




Surf Mastery

If you prefer listening to a podcast that’s going to somehow elevate your surfing game, rather than just tell you more about the surfing industry or letting you into the minds of pro surfers, then tune in to Surf Mastery. This podcast is all about helping you up your surfing skills. Surf industry pros discuss new ideas and techniques for improvement. Similar to Surf Splendor, Surf Mastery also put out a large amount of content, for a new episode nearly every single day. 


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Lipped the Surfer’s Podcast

Hosted by Bell Warren and Jimmy Miles, this podcast has it all when it comes to surfing. Expect interviews with guests, event coverage, surf forecasts, surf news and, of course, plenty of good ol’ conversations about surfing. It’s just one of those great podcasts that feels like you’re listening in on a conversation between a couple of friends. New episodes come out fairly regularly, about one per week.



The wire surf podcast


The Wire

The Wire is another surfing podcast where the aim is to actually give the listener information they can use in their own surfing experience. Learn about building your brand as a surfer, surfing technology, surfing tips and even surfing as it relates to environmental concerns. 



Confessions of a surf lady


Confessions of a Surf Lady

Are you a female surfer and feeling a little bit left out in this very much male-dominated sport? Then definitely catch up on this podcast. Confessions of a Surf Lady is just that — a fun podcast that brings in insights and confessions from female surfers from all around the world. Laura Day hosts, for a funny, good-time podcast that’ll brighten your day. 



Surfer life podcast


Surfer Life

Surfer Life is a podcast that puts the focus all on the people. The podcast is purely interviews with a wide range of surf-adjacent folks, from actual pro surfers to those who make the boards to just plain interesting people who also happen to be surfers. 


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