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12 of Australia’s Best Surf Spots


It’s no secret that Australia offers travellers (and locals alike) awesome beaches, but beyond the golden sands, you’ll find amazing waves and top surfing spots that have attracted pro and novice surfers from all over the globe. If you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to surfing, check out one of these top 10 beaches, from the tamest to the more adrenaline-pumping.


Crescent head surf beach nsw

1. Crescent Head, NSW


You’ll have plenty of space to catch a wave along the 25-kilometre Crescent Head, whether you’re a beginner or a pro longboarder. Thanks to the right-hand point breaks, the waters offer spectacular rides that make not only for a great experience, but good film as well — you’ll find that several surfing movies have been shot here.



bondi surf beach nsw

2. Bondi Beach, NSW


Bondi Beach is iconic, and a great spot for beginners, as there are so many providers both on the beach and nearby offering you surfboards for hire, as well as surfing lessons. Of course, it’s also right in Sydney, making it a convenient stop during most trips Down Under.


 tea tree beach noosa

3. Tea Tree Bay & Granite Bay, QLD


This beautiful surfing hot spot is a little more isolated than Bondi Beach, but that doesn’t deter the hardcore surfers from making the trip out. The fun environment and spectacular natural setting (Noosa National Park) are just icing on the surfing cake.


 Sea rocks beach 800x300

4. Seal Rocks et Treachery, NSW


If you really want to surf away from the crowds, head down to Treachery Beach and Seal Rocks, where the southern swells create fantastic waves. Watch out for the dolphins, who are all too curious to see what you’re up to.


 gold coast beach

5. Gold Coast, QLD


Everyone knows the Gold Coast for its amazing beaches, but if you’re making a road trip through this Australian region, then you don’t want to miss stopping by one of the many surf spots, from the aptly named Surfers Paradise to Rainbow Bay.


Manly beach

6. Manly Beach, NSW


Another beach that’s very easy to reach from Sydney, Manly Beach is particularly known for its surfing culture. Take advantage of consistent breaks and reliable sandbanks, as you surf alongside the locals.

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bells beach surfing beach victoria

7. Bells Beach, Victoria


Bells Beach is literally where they hold the oldest surfing competition in the world, so you know that the surfing has to be good. The Bells Beach Surf Classic, now called the Rip Curl Pro Surf Fest, is held annually around the Easter holiday. Swells can grow more than five metres here, which is just part of the appeal.


 Noosa heads surf beach Queensland

8. Noosa Heads, QLD


Noosa Heads is another favourited spot for pro longboarders, but don’t let that put you off visiting the gorgeous beach if you’re a beginner. You’ll also find long, easy waves suitable for you groms or beginners out there.


 the pass byron bay surf beach

9. The Pass at Byron Bay, NSW


Another one of the most famous beaches across the entire continent, Byron Bay can become packed with surfers who flock to this surfing hotspot. The crowds aren’t wrong, either. This beach certainly lives up to its hype where the waves are concerned.


Margaret river beaches

10. Yallingup Beach, Margaret River, WA


The Mighty Marg. A surfer's dream. Yallingup boasts some powerful surfing conditions for those who are more experienced and love a bit of a an adrenalin rush. Just down the road is Smith's Beach, with the Supertubes break one of the best-known along the whole stretch between the two Capes.


Vivonne Bay beach

11. Kangaroo Island, SA


A smorgasbord of beaches to choose from on this hidden gem. Vivonne Bay is our pick of the lot for those who want it all. The beach boasts expansive space so you won't be fighting other surfers for waves and is suitable for a range of levels and experience. 

 Phillip Island beach

12. Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island


Lastly, if you want to get a little off the beaten path, you can head to Phillip Island and Cape Woolamai, a short day trip from Melbourne. You’ll be in good company. Celebrity-plus-surfer Chris Hemsworth touts the beach as one of his favorites, as do many surfing pros. (But if you’re a newbie surfer, this might be one where you sit out.)


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